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Share Input Regarding the Fossil Fuel Dissociation Process 

In May 2021, the  Board of Trustees authorized the creation of an administrative process to guide dissociation from fossil fuel companies that participate in climate disinformation campaigns or otherwise spread climate disinformation and from companies in the thermal coal and tar sands segments of the fossil fuel industry unless they prove able to meet a rigorous standard for their greenhouse gas emissions. 

To implement the dissociation decision made by the Board of Trustees last spring, the University is seeking impartial scholarly advice from a panel of its faculty with expertise in fields including environmental studies, ethics, economics, public policy, and engineering, to address a set of relevant questions. An administrative committee will use the findings of the faculty panel to propose for Board approval a set of actionable criteria for dissociation and a process for implementing them, now and in the future.  

The faculty panel and administrative committee welcome your input as they complete this important work.  

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Metrics, Principles and Standards
The University’s charge to the Faculty Panel on Dissociation Metrics, Principles and Standards includes four sets of questions to help guide their work to develop specific recommendations. Please share your feedback or ideas as they relate to one or more of the following issues under evaluation by the panel. 
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